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African American Art For Collectors of the Culture

'My Creativity is uninhibited and unstructured and the creative process is an imaginative, intuitive journey."

Primarily self-directed accomplished artist creating work that portrays the strength and beauty of people of color. My goal is to educate, enlighten and inspire the viewer. 


My Art

Inspired by the masters and other contemporary artists of the past and present, my art on this site focuses on the African Diaspora, the confidence and inspiration of women and the cultural journey in  American History.

 Please visit dsyabstractart.com to acquire my exciting and vibrant floral and abstract works.

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Please inquire about our super easy 6 month payment plan.

Custom payment plans can also be arranged.

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NOTE: installment payments are non-refundable and considered in default after 3 months of no payment and you agree that Diana Shannon Young Fine Art reserves the right to restock the items at a 20% restocking fee. However, the remaining balance of your payments made can be applied to a future purchase.

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